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Your Most Important Career Question – And How To Answer It

Are you in the right job? Is your career going the right way? Occasionally, we should pause, and ask ourselves some fundamental questions. There is no career question that is more fundamental than this one: Are you happy to go to work? It might seem obvious, or even trivial, but I would argue that we […]

10 Simple Body Language Tricks That Will Do Wonders For Your Career

“I speak two languages: Body and English.” – Mae West Body language is one of the most important and powerful types of communication in the history of the world. A wink conveys an air of mysticism and charm, a simple raised hand in front of your face tells everyone you’re not going to put up […]
9 Dangerous Job Search Land Mines To Avoid

9 Dangerous Job Search Land Mines To Avoid

When you have to walk through land mines that others have laid it is understandable, but when you have laid the mines yourself, then there is a bigger problem. Land mines are meant to be a surprise for the enemy. Instead, self laid land mines are a surprise for… Well, the person that laid them. […]