Monthly Archives: November 2016


9 Tips to Ensure You Run an Effective End of Year Performance Review

Where has 2016 gone? Carols are piping through shopping malls and train stations, people are already walking the streets wearing Santa hats or reindeer horns, and soon there won’t even be anything decent to watch on TV. Yes … it’s coming up to that time of the year again – end of year performance review […]

Are you Social Media Savvy?

A provocative title, perhaps, but not one designed to question whether you’re good at talking to complete strangers at a party. No, this blog is about getting you to ask yourself the question: Do I have a personal strategy for social media channels? Do you? It’s easy to say ‘yes’ and perhaps you are very […]

5 Ways to Manage Stress in a Recruitment Environment

Recruitment is fast-paced, exciting and a real roller-coaster ride. You have to balance delivering tangible results with being a consultative expert on the jobs market. Finding people jobs, while managing multiple relationships can be a challenge. Here are five simple ways to manage stress at work – which hopefully will make you feel more productive […]