How Emotional Intelligence Can Make Your Team More Agile

When thinking about team agility, it might help to picture a team of whitewater rafters heading toward class five rapids. The team paddles and maneuvers the raft swiftly but effectively. They’re proactive in communicating logs or rocks they see in their path. They adapt in real time to new challenges by scanning the near horizon, […]

Many people are working from home. But how do you work remotely successfully and what’s the best way to do it?

Here’s some ideas to make the transition easier. 1. Research How To Work Remotely You don’t have to dive into working remotely without a little help. In fact, many teams have been conducting remote work for several years and can offer great research and tips. Buffer has put together an annual survey of how employees […]

The Counter Offer – What You Should Know

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an employee in possession of a resignation letter must be in want of a counter offer. A play on a well-thumbed Jane Austen quote concerning fortune and the decisions it thus elicits opens the metaphorical floor for debate around the subject of whether a counter offer should ever […]