Recruitment Consultants

So, how’s the job market for recruitment consultants at the moment?

So, how’s the job market for recruitment consultants at the moment?

This is by far the most common question we are asked by both recruiters and hiring managers alike. Whilst the best recruitment consultants are the subject matter experts in their own disciplines, the vast majority have no idea of their own options or indeed their worth in the current market. After all, who would expect them to know as they are busy doing their day job!

The market across Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne remains incredibly buoyant for consultants and senior consultants who are looking to remain in an agency environment – particularly within IT, Accounting and Finance, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing and Construction and Property. Despite being faced with a more challenging market, there are most certainly many agencies, divisions and teams who are continuing to grow their businesses and increase their market share.

Candidates in demand range from recruiters with 6 months experience, through to highly experienced senior recruiters.

Companies are looking for a passion for the recruitment industry, drive and tenacity together with a positive and proactive approach towards business development and relationship building.

One size doesn’t fit all…..

Recruitment agencies have differing cultures, business models, approaches to business development and varying commission structures.

As such, the right environment for a consultant to be really successful may depend on a wide range of factors including;
•Do I need a structured, hugely KPI driven environment in order for me to be successful?
•Do I need the backing of a big International brand?
•Would I have the opportunity to move Interstate or Internationally in the future?
•What are the prospects of promotion and is that something that is important to me?
•Would I like to be involved in business decisions?
•How would I like to be incentivised?
•Would I like flexible hours?
•Is there an opportunity for me to work from home?

Is the grass always greener?

Absolutely not. If you have lost the drive and passion for recruitment, then a career change out of the industry may be something to consider. But, as we’ve mentioned, the recruitment industry isn’t a “one size fits all” business. It may be that you just need a fresh approach by looking outside of your current agency.

Many consultants are drawn to the idea of an internal recruitment role, however, if this is the route you chose to explore then it is worth investigating the specific requirements of an internal role too. Often the pressures and demands can be very similar, and whilst it may seem like the ideal option for you to take your recruitment skills to, it’s very important to make an informed choice about whether this is the right route for you.

What if I am not sure the time is right to move just now?

No problems! The Directors at our clients understand that making a move is a huge decision and that the time needs to be right for all parties involved. They are almost always open to an informal, totally confidential, meeting to provide information and answer questions.

With over 40 open roles in Perth, over 30 in Brisbane, and many others available in Melbourne and Sydney – there are most certainly a range of attractive options available in the current market.