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The 4 Key Nightmares That Keeps HR Up At Night

The 4 Key Nightmares That Keeps HR Up At Night

HR has multiple issues that haunt them consistently, however there are four key areas that leave HR Professionals bleary eyed in the morning that they are losing sleep over.

Day to day workplace responsibilities and distractions dominate the most of their mind share during the day, but what preoccupies the minds of HR leaders in their quieter moments?

A recent study by SilkRoad compiled responses from HR leaders across 12 key areas of HR and which of them caused them the greatest concern.

Listed amongst concerns included:

The changing workforce and attracting Millennials as the Baby Boomers retire.
Technology and integration of HR systems and tools
Having a seat at the executive table
Perception of value of HR offerings.

Whilst many reflected some level of concern about the above elements they were not the top issues that kept them awake.

4 Key Nightmares:

The key findings of the survey that expressed what worries HR professionals the most were:

1.Creating an attractive organisational culture to engage employees (53%)

2.Sourcing the right candidates for the company (51%)

3.The ability to attract & recruit the best talent (41%)

4.Developing leaders and managing the skills gaps (45%)

The report concludes that HR leaders are voicing perennial concerns about developing a strategic role within their companies and a place at the table that would help with alleviating their top problems. It is viewed that creating an attractive organisational culture and employee engagement as not an issue for HR alone, however a task that must be tackled by the executive team inclusive of HR.

Looking Ahead:

Whilst sourcing candidates and having the ability to attract and recruit the best talent, surprisingly social technology and social attraction strategies was not high on their radar (21%)

HR is known to be poor adopters of technology in pace with candidates, this includes social recruiting strategies and technologies.

All of this makes me wonder at times, will we ever be reading studies, reports or news items that say “HR Can Find Good Talent Anytime, Anywhere?” It may sound like a pipe dream for many HR & Talent Acquisition managers, however some companies who have risen above the obstacles of executive decision making power and adopting contemporary approaches do absolutely that. They have adopted Talent Branding strategies by leveraging their workforce and social media to result in being able to pick the cream of the crop, best talent.

Anne-Marie Orrock