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Where Could a Career in HR Take You?

Where Could a Career in HR Take You?

In the modern business environment, human resources departments are considered a vital part of any business. Tasked with managing employees, ensuring their welfare, attracting talent and assuring the business retains it; HR staff enjoy a diverse and challenging role with many opportunities to progress their career.

If you’re considering a job in HR, you may be wondering exactly where it could take you. Here we take a look at a few of the potential outcomes if you were to pursue the profession.

You can go anywhere!

One of the most important things to remember about a career in HR is that it could take you into any business, field or industry. Virtually all modern businesses employ a HR team or department, meaning that you could be working in the energy sector, for a recruitment firm, in foreign countries or with up-and-coming tech companies. The possibilities are endless and the variety and number of possible workplaces available to HR specialists is one of the main attractions of the job.

The career ladder

Where you end up in HR will probably depend on what you like most about the job. If you prefer the personal, every day, face-to-face interaction with colleagues, you may want to look into becoming a Human Resources Manager. However, if you’re more interested in developing business-wide strategies and taking a more organisational role, you may want to pursue the position of Human Resources Executive. If you enjoy the job but want more control over your schedule and work load, maybe becoming a Human Resources Consultant would be a good choice. The fundamental skills required for these roles are often the same, although the degree to which you use the skills will vary.


It’s also important to think about whether you wish to remain a generalist or become a specialist. While generalists get to enjoy the variety of working with many different people and performing different tasks, specialists are able to explore the specific part of the job that they enjoy most, becoming an expert in the process. In modern HR departments there are many specialisations to consider – including IT, training and recruitment to name just a few – all of which supply essential services to many different types of business.

Source: Capita